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A 6-Figure Business With Turo

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Looking to convert a side hustle to a 6-figure business with Turo? Well here's the answer...

The ebook will discuss the following:

  • What is Peer To Peer Sharing?
  • Ways to start the business
  • Finding your target customer
  • How to choose a vehicle 
  • Should you purchase a new or used vehicle 
  • How to find the car
  • How to inspect the car before purchase
  • Cash V. Finance
  • How to list the vehicle and requirements per Turo
  • Turo Protection Plans
  • Steps on getting your car to your first guest and returns
  • Winning tips for your Turo business
  • & so much more!

Please be advised due to this ebook being a digital product and can not be returned, no refunds will be granted.

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A 6-Figure Business With Turo

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